My local treasure.

The Twisted Fork.

It is an amazing concept, a magic cafe!! It is based in Stokey and it is completely crazy, trust me.

Their coffee is amazing, a coop Cameroonian single origin from Boyo, a volcanic region whose terroir gives the coffee its unique characteristics.

I’ve had the chance to meet Matti, one of the farmers and their representative, through Rich, the business owner. Altogether we shared stories over a cup of brew and Matti told us the joys and miseries of his people down in central Africa and how lucky they are by selling their coffee in the UK through a partnership which guarantees them a really nice developing project and good and fair prices.

Honestly guys this place is worth a visit, go and meet Rich, he will do some tricks for you!!


Yirgacheffe, Heirloom Ethiopian.

I stopped at the workers Dalston for a quick filter and some relax and I found this little joy from Africa.

It is a light roast and it is so clean, its burnt caramel and peach tones combine perfectly with its acidity and full body.

For me it is a must try coffee, and I’d have it during the afternoon maybe with some lemon cake or shortbread, as I said an amazing work from Union roasters.

The beginning.

To start with, I want to let everyone know that my standards and my taste might differ highly from others’. I do not want to think I’m better than anyone, just to lay my humble opinions from my point of view and guide the readers through the wonderful world of coffee.

Said this, I will note that my standard will be Starbucks espresso, for several reasons (it is popular, is a good quality chain and we can find better and worse brews).

Please be aware that we will see mainly black coffees in order to have a good judgement on them, I will write every shop I visit in London and I will leave here my personal review for all of you, no need to say that there is always room for discussion.

See you soon beautiful and awake people!!!

Welcome to the journey.

I am a professional barista in London, I have quite a bit of experience in the hospitality sector and I want to share with you all my experiences with coffee affairs, from new coffees to personal experiences at work and personal life.

I really hope to be entertaining for y’all and bear in mind that I want you to enjoy my blog and ultimately, enjoy the most beautiful brew in the world, COFFEE!!!!